“A Tiffany hand in a Chanel glove”

Cary Tauben is probably the most intriguing of XOXO’s three mentors. The high-profile stylist (with multiple nominations for CAFA awards, Canada’s fashion Oscars, to his credit) dances to his own beat, as one look at his Instagram account will confirm. We asked him about his role on XOXO, the new face of reality TV, now available uncut to Videotron mobile subscribers.

Our conversation ranged from dress codes to partying on Ibiza and Rihanna.

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What’s your take on the XOXO life? What’s your approach to it?
I see XOXO as a playground where you interact with all kinds of people and give them a chance to shine. So I approach it in a spirit of openness, understanding, helping each other, listening, and most importantly giving the girls a great experience. When you’re in good company and appreciated, love is sure to follow. 😉

Production will be spread over almost 3 months. How have you arranged your life for that period?
I have a terrific agent, Vincent Francis, who looks after everything and is working miracles to let me guide my girls and give them memorable events while continuing my career as a stylist and working with major local and international brands. So, the coming weeks will definitely be packed with excitement!

What are your goals on the show ?
Honestly, my main goal is to do everything I can to make my girls feel good about themselves and make them believe in their inner and outer beauty. Obviously, I want them all to find love through the XOXO experience! And confidence is the most seductive quality there is. It’s like organizing a party on Ibiza: if you don’t like the music at the club, you won’t want to stay, even if it’s the most beautiful spot on the beach. You have to know how to set the mood. My girls will be winners before, during and after XOXO.

What kind of mentor do you hope to be? What to you want to give your group?
I think I’ll be a very dedicated mentor, firm at times but in a loving way. My girls deserve the best, obviously, and I’m going to do whatever it take to make them feel special and appreciated. We’re saying XOXO represents the new era in reality TV. So I think it’s important to create a harmonious, open, #2018 atmosphere in my group. But I’ll also be tossing in a few surprises to spice things up!

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How will you relate to the girls?
I want them to know I’m there to support them but also to question their choices when necessary. My time is valuable and I want to put it to the best possible use. Fashion people are very direct and I’m not used to biting my tongue. So they can count on me to tell it like it is. A Tiffany hand in a Chanel glove.

How will you relate to the guys?
The guys should know that I’m on their side too! My role is to introduce them to girls who are strong, confident and ready for love. So the guys are always on my radar when I’m organizing a party or a special event. They’re the ones I want to charm. The girls already love me. 😉

What are the top 5 qualities a guy should have if he wants to win on XOXO?
He should be respectful, smart, adventurous, funny, and a good listener.

What do you want the audience to think of you at the end of the show?
That I’m open, eccentric, and care about creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable.

Have you set any boundaries?
The only boundary is respect. I won’t put up with pettiness or rudeness. You’ve been warned!

Photos issues du compte instagram @carytauben

How have you decorated the Penthouse?
I went with my own environment: gold, animal textures, rich fabrics, intelligent use of space. It’s my Penthouse, so it’s logical that my signature would be everywhere! I’ve also added a few small pics of myself around the place. 😉

What should the bachelors’ frame of mind be?
They have to be ready to be surprised, to be charmed. Most importantly, they shouldn’t come with preconceived ideas. Mystery and the unknown are powerful aphrodisiacs!

Do you use a special tone to talk about XOXO on social media?
I think I adjust my tone to the content but I generally like to ask short, fast questions with a twist to mix things up.

What is your dress code on XOXO?
Dress codes are too restrictive. Fashion is a game and you have to be able to play with more than two dice! So I’m going to throw the closet doors wide open and every day will be a fashion show!

What is your strong suit compared with the other mentors?
Elisabetta and Olivier are good friends of mine but I think I can say I’m the only one who can work with the girls on both their self-confidence and their look! I also have a few celebrities up my sleeve who are eager to come and liven things up.

What are the other mentors’ strong points?
Elisabetta is a capable woman who knows what she wants. She’s a great mom and I’m sure that will come across with her girls on the show. Olivier has a lot of drive and he always stays focused on his goal. And he’s a DJ who rocks…

Photos issues du compte instagram @carytauben

Why do you think you will be the mentor with the best events on XOXO?
Because I’ve been getting invited to the trendiest and most exclusive parties and events on the planet since my teens. So I know what it takes to make a party hot and to make an event memorable. Every detail is important and I have a keen eye for detail!

Why is Anouk Meunier the best host XOXO could have?
Because she’s fresh, bright and speaks her mind!

To what ultra-exclusive party do you dream of taking your singles?
Every year in late September, my friend Seth Troxler has his birthday bash on Ibiza. It’s in a very intimate setting at the Pikes Hotel with a special theme every year. Freddie Mercury and George Michael stayed there. Once I sang karaoke there in a room with a bathtub specially designed for Grace Jones to sing karaoke in!

If you could get a megastar on the show, who would it be?

What question has no one asked you about XOXO so far?
Are those extensions?

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