Their three YouTube channels have over one million subscribers, with over 820,000 tuning in to ‘girlyaddict’ alone. Their videos get an average of 150,000 views. With record numbers like these, Catherine Francoeur and Jay Machalani, a.k.a. Cath & Jay, are two of Quebec’s most popular content creators. We met the two web entrepreneurs, who are 110% committed to what they do.

For those still unfamiliar with the concept of content creation, let’s start by pointing out that creating online videos is more popular today than ever before. Since 2015, the influence of Quebec’s online content creators has grown significantly, particularly among the younger generations.

Among the web’s success stories are Cath & Jay, a young couple from Quebec known for their YouTube channels, which are among the most popular in the province. Their adventures are followed daily by more than one million people who view their photos, videos and vlogs, making them true online celebrities adored by Quebec’s youth.



Cath & Jay’s recipe for success seems simple: a camera, good lighting, a nice background and topics to discuss. But don’t be fooled! They work hard to maintain a polished brand image by posting plenty of videos, constantly improving the quality and diversity of their content and ensuring a regular presence on social media. Many have attempted to do the same, but few manage to make a living off their videos.

They couple eat, sleep and breathe the Internet; they are fully committed to what they do. But what’s a typical day behind the scenes for Catherine Francoeur and Jay Machalani? Where do their ideas originate, and how do they turn these ideas into videos watched by hundreds of thousands of people? The Videotron Collective set out to see what happens behind the camera of these successful content creators.

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