“I’ll be like a big sister”

Elisabetta is the advisor with the most experience on reality TV, which makes her a dangerous competitor! A busy mother living in sunny Miami, she knows that she has plenty of assets to help her bachelorettes live the XOXO life. A social-network addict and accomplished artist whose address book is bristling with contacts, she perfectly embodies the new era of reality TV that XOXO represents!

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In what frame of mind will you approach the XOXO life?
I’m in a competitive frame of mind!

Production will be spread over almost 3 months. How have you arranged your life for that period?
I’ve moved to Montréal with my little family for three months, so we’re all together! I’m also shooting a new Netflix series called Paper Empire. So I’ll have to make a trip to Miami to shoot some more scenes for the series, and I’m wrapping up shooting on a film in New York in November. So it’s going to be three pretty intense months!

What are your goals on the show?
To get back in touch with my Québec roots. To live this great adventure to the fullest. To share my experience with my group of girls and give them some unforgettable moments!

What kind of mentor do you hope to be? What do you want to give your group?
I want to be maternal. Since I’ve already been through a similar experience, I’m in a very good position to advise my group of girls. 😊

How will you relate to the girls?
I’ll be like a big sister.

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How will you relate to the guys?
I’ll have to walk a fine line, because on the one hand, I have to attract them to my events, but on the other, I have to stay out of the way so that they can get to know my girls. We’ll see how it goes once the series begins!

What are the qualities a guy should have if he wants to win on XOXO?
He has to be respectful, gallant, charming and intelligent.

What do you want the audience to think of you at the end of the show?
That I’m a hard worker and accomplished artist, a go-getter and also someone who gives a lot. That I’m very generous, whether that means spoiling my loved ones with gifts, or giving of my time, or lending a sympathetic ear to people who need it. Also, that I take any competition very seriously! 🙂

Have you set any boundaries?
My boundaries will always be to show respect and class toward other people and toward myself.

How have you decorated the penthouse?
I felt inspired right away, so it was very easy. I worked very hard over the summer to create a space that would be colourful, refreshing and positive for my group of girls. The penthouse will be part of their experience, and it was very important for me that they feel comfortable there during the 11 weeks of their XOXO lives. I designed wallpaper with my own original patterns, and rugs, cushions and furniture with my art. I really wanted the girls to enter into my artistic world!

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What should the bachelors’ frame of mind be?
They should be open to exciting experiences, to meeting new people, and to living with a group of very different personalities. Also, they should have a lot of drive, because after all, it’s a contest with a very substantial prize at the end of the season.

Do you use a special tone to talk about XOXO on social media?
Maybe a little too excited! When I take on a project, I always give it my all, and I’m very excited about this one.

What is your dress code on XOXO?
Different outfits all the time—stylish, colourful, elegant and fun. Cary’s not the only one who’s nuts about fashion! For me, clothes are like a second skin, another way of expressing myself, just like my paintings—a window on my personality.

What is your strong suit compared with the other mentors?
First, I’ve already appeared on a reality TV series, so I’m a step ahead of them. I know the game. Also, I’ve been in a relationship for over 10 years, and XOXO is game of seduction and romantic encounters. And I’ve lived in Miami and travelled extensively for my career for the past 10 years, so my address book is full of contacts that go way beyond Québec.

What are the other mentors’ strong points?
They don’t have any. 😉

Photos issues du compte instagram @elisabettafantone

Why do you think you will be the mentor with the best events on XOXO?
Because my career involves me in a bit of everything—the arts, film, fashion and exclusive events. As I said before, I have very extensive contacts. Also, I’ve organized tons of events, so I’m going to outdo myself with my parties, and they’ll all be different from each other!

Why is Anouk Meunier the best host XOXO could have?
Because she’s crazy about reality TV! She knows all about it! Plus she’s totally talented.

To what ultra-exclusive party do you dream of taking your singles?
I can’t tell you that!

If you could get a megastar on the show, who would it be?
That’s something else I can’t tell you. 😉

What question has no one asked you about XOXO so far?
That one! 🙂

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