“My life is a party”

Olivier Primeau needs no introduction. The successful entrepreneur who put Beach Club on the world map with his mastery of social media is a party organizer extraordinaire and a natural to be one of the three mentors on XOXO. So how does Olivier see his central role on XOXO, the new face of reality TV? We asked him and he laid it out for us.

Olivier Primeau takes us behind the scenes of his XOXO life in a conversation that touches on Kylie Jenner, contestant selection and the rivalry between the mentors.

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In what frame of mind will you approach the XOXO life?
In a competitive frame of mind because the mentor’s job is to organize the best possible events, without forgetting that it’s a dating show!

Production will be spread over almost 3 months. How have you arranged your life for that period?
I work 365 days a year and this is the first time in 5 years that I’ve taken a break from my business to work on a personal project. I’m lucky to have a big, super-dedicated team that will take care of everything when I’m not there.

What are your goals on the show?
I want one of the girls in my group to find love or a best friend so they can have a good time together and maybe become the XOXO couple.

What kind of mentor do you hope to be? What do you want to give your group?
I want to be the same person I am in real life, someone who brings people together and is part of the gang.

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How will you relate to the girls?
I want there to be respect on all sides. That’s the most important thing.

How will you relate to the guys?
In real life, my job is to bring people together and make sure they have a good time. That’s what I want to do with the guys. They don’t have to love me but they should know that when I’m around, they’re going to have fun!

What are the qualities a guy should have if he wants to win on XOXO?
He should be frank and direct.

What do you want the audience to think of you at the end of the show?
That I’m a unifier, that I’m real, and I just want everyone who comes to my events to have as much fun as me.

Have you set any boundaries?

What should the bachelors’ frame of mind be?
Ready for anything!


Do you use a special tone to talk about XOXO on social media?
I’ve always been myself on social media and I don’t plan to change.

What is your dress code on XOXO?
Nothing in particular. I’m something of a chameleon.

What is your strong suit compared with the other mentors?
My life is a party. They can’t say the same.

What are the other mentors’ strong points?
I organize the biggest parties in Canada and, as far as I know, they don’t.

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Why do you think you will be the mentor with the best events on XOXO?
I think I have a head start over the other two because when I organize an event, every detail is planned from A to Z, from the candle on the table to how people will get there. Anyone can reserve a table at a restaurant, do a photo shoot, go to a club, but how you do it makes all the difference.

Why is Anouk Meunier the best host XOXO could have?
She’s always quick with a comeback. On reality TV, that’s the most important talent to have.

To what ultra-exclusive party do you dream of taking your singles?
To one of my parties!

If you could get a megastar on the show, who would it be?
Kylie Jenner

What question has no one asked you about XOXO so far?
Why did you only pick blondes? 😂

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