On October 30, MARKANTOINE (the brand) unveiled its bold new collection in Montreal. MARKANTOINE (the creator), a young, committed designer with endless ideas and projects, has chosen to partner with Videotron and Huawei for this event, attended by many celebrity influencers. Together, we take a look back at his project’s origins, his influences, and the importance of both Montreal and Quebec in his work.

Can you tell me a bit about MARKANTOINE and what constitutes the brand’s DNA?
MARKANTOINE comes to life in a narrative, in which my creations tell spellbinding stories illustrated with uncommon visual presentations in collaboration with local artists. My primary focus is on supporting the local economy and showing concern for the environment. My garments are MADE IN MONTREAL. What constitutes the brand’s DNA is its creative process, which is expressed “in the form of a dreamlike chronicle characterized by its exotic-Gothic aesthetic,” giving life to two opposing ideas through the clothing.

What was the journey that led you to creating this brand?
After studying fashion design at LaSalle College and at the École supérieure de mode (UQAM), I felt like working in Paris. So I went there to do an apprenticeship and work for a few months when I finally realized that I was in love with Montreal, but something was lacking in Montreal fashion. That’s when I decided to return and create MARKANTOINE.

MARKANTOINE is a brand that is engaged (local suppliers, eco-friendly and gender-free clothing, etc.). Can you tell us what motivated these choices?
Who I am, the environment I’m evolving in and my convictions push me on a daily basis to ensure that MARKANTOINE is a brand that is committed. I truly aspire to develop an industry in Montreal and to create jobs. My team and I hope to give young designers confidence, to show them that they can still claim their niche in the Montreal fashion industry. I have been teaching at LaSalle College for almost three years and I see firsthand how much talent we have. All we have to do is take an interest and promote it.

MARKANTOINE has forged several partnerships these past months. Can you tell us more about them?
Certainly. MARKANTOINE has collaborations with Lambert (vegan bags), Fumile (original hat designs) and Simons (Icône collection). It’s interesting to be able to create with other people, and to be able to join forces with other local businesses in promoting our local designs nationwide. Clearly this helps MARKANTOINE shine at another level, enabling me to explore new avenues and products. I’m already looking forward to establishing more partnerships!

Tell us what this 2020 spring-summer fashion show represents for you?
On a trip to Spain in May, I fell in love with Barcelona, and more particularly, with Gaudi. After doing some research, I discovered that Gaudi and I share the same source of inspiration: German biologist Ernst Haeckel. The idea for my collection was borne from Haeckel’s artwork, from his drawings of shellfish in particular. I find there is something erotic and playful in the lines of a seashell, and I wanted to develop these notions in my work. Also, this is my tenth collection in four and a half years, which represents over 600 different pieces of clothing in all.

What role does social media play in promoting your brand, and why do you give it such a central position?
As I’m a millennial, I find that it’s a free and easy way to advertise and reach the global community. My publications and the aesthetics of my different accounts reflect my brand’s DNA and my exotic-Gothic world.

Many Quebec celebrities pose for you and attend your fashion shows. How do you explain this popularity?
I guess it’s because they can associate with my brand. I think it’s accessible and includes a lot of fun pieces. Quebec artists of all ages are interested in what is produced locally. The power of Quebec should not be underestimated.

Do you have any plans for your brand’s future that you can tell us about?
My team and I will be going on a prospecting trip in December to Paris for the purpose of exporting internationally. As I am a man of many projects, I have a slew of surprises for you in 2020. Don’t miss out!

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